We also customize Applications base on your Business Process

Enterprise Business Applications

Domain, Hosting & Website

Manage List of your Domain registered with us or Search New Domain

Purchase Approval Systems

Records of Purchase History and Approvals.

Transportation Management Systems

Vehicle Purchase and Maintenace Recards, Alerts of Expiry.

Real Estate Management Systems

It is build for Real Estate Agents, Properties Data, Alerts, Etc.

Document Management

Reduce Paper, Track Documents, Manage and Store Documents

Personnel & Payroll

Office or department that interviews, appoints, or keeps records of employees.

Express Business Application

eMail Newsletter

Send Professional Newsletter, Manage your own email List, etc.

Hijri Date Converter & Reminder

Convert Date from English to Hijri or Hijri to English also setup a reminder according.

Anonymous Email

Send email from Any Email address.

Reception, Visitor Systems

Visitor Records, with ID, Pics, etc.

Calculate Tax & Expenses

Automate calculation of your extra expenses

Most common used Application on the go...

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